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Human Resources Today is on a Digital Push, Gone are the days where it was restricted to the Four walls of your Office Space where all the Administrative related tasks and back office works used to happen at a very lethargic pace. HR Departments. Around the globe has finally caught up and realized that sweeping changes needs to brought not only into their Offices but also on to their Desks to manage their most valuable assets -  Employees. This Task of Modernizing the HR units and HR Processes is in no way a minor thing, but thanks to the advancements made in the HR Domain by SAP, we have been introduced with a world class SaaS product called as SAP SuccessFactors. So, why SAP SuccessFactors?

Technology today has become an integral part of our personnel and professional lives, we expect the Technology Office Space to be as assistive in nature as we use for our personnel purposes. SAP Successfactors which started as Cloud based Service for Talent Modules initially quickly rose in a very short span of time to provide us a Complete HCM Suite covering the all the Core Functions of Human Resources. The SAP Successfactors is a Flexible SaaS Solution for Human Resources where one can Implement a module for any of its core function without having a dependency with other areas, i.e. The Company can decide which of the Core Areas of HR they would be interested to move to the Cloud without much hassle and implement it in matter of few weeks by deploying the Rapid Deployment Solutions of SAP Successfactors.

Why SAP SuccessFactors

In the Last few years, HR has made a significant progress in Employee Engagements and modernizing their workforce by adopting to the Cloud Based Technologies. The SAP Successfactors Suite replaces the cumbersome process of managing the Individual HR Systems for each of their core areas spread across multiple locations and at the same time managing the Complex Integrations between these systems. The Companies now have very little to worry when moving their Human Resources System onto cloud as they can get rid of the unnecessary heavy customization which were developed to cater their requirement, however in the recent years SAP has been incorporating much of the Country Specific Business Practices on the their Standard System thereby avoiding the need for any developments.

SAP Successfactors has a wide range of HCM Solutions to offer for the customers with utmost flexibility to choose from the SF Modules based on their pain areas and on priority. As the famous tagline of SAP Successfactors says “ Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere” , The CHRO’s now can make a decision to Start where they want and Extend where they need which would make the decision making process less complex as the Organization would be paying only for the Services what they opted and in turn have a Good Return of Investment within weeks of the implementation. Apart from the Financial stand point, This Approach would be beneficial from the Customer Perspective in many ways as HR Dept. would have a better control of the Project and achieve the maximum leverage instead of Opting for a Big Bang approach of implementing everything at once.

How SAP Successfactors will help your Organization?

HR Departments. Around the Globe are forced to Redesign and Modernize their way of functioning and engaging the Employees, The HR of today is expected to take a lead and automate many of the day to day activities which would need a person’s physical presence to perform the tasks, For e.g. An employee in order to apply for his Reimbursements would need to submit the Bills to their Line Managers and get it approved before this would be handed over to the Accounts for the Payroll Processing, however all those are things of past. With the SAP Successfactors Employee Central, the Employee can complete this task from their SF App would be completed in minutes and the Reimbursement would be processed along with the Payroll in the next payroll run, Similarly many such activities can be automated depending on the Client Requirement.

SAP Successfactors offers the Complete HCM Suite for the Client to choose from, There is no predefined sequence that one needs to follow to implement the Successfactors, However the Consulting Partner after understanding the Business Requirements would suggest the Sequence after understanding the Business and this would be in the interest of the Customer so as to

-  Employee Central
-  Performance Management & Goal Management
-  Recruitment Management
-  On-boarding
-  Recruitment Marketing
-  Compensation Management
-  Succession Management
-  Learning Management Solution
-  Workforce Planning
-  Workforce Analytics
-  JAM (Collaboration)

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