Celonis is the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining


Celonis is the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining

What is Celonis

Celonis is the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence. Headquartered in Munich and New York with more than 1000 employees worldwide, Celonis helps companies in every industry remove friction from critical business processes and improve execution. The system knows how processes really run, senses friction in real time, and acts with intelligent automation and recommendations. Companies around the world, including Siemens, Uber, Citi, Coca-Cola, and Vodafone, have harnessed the power of Celonis to drive execution and outcomes, generating millions of dollars in value.

What Process Mining technology is and how it works 

Every business process leaves its footprint in your systems. But tracking and visualizing all those process trails in real time can be difficult or impossible without the right technology.

Process Mining solves that problem by providing companies with a completely objective, data-driven, live picture of what their processes actually look like. This AI-driven technology makes this possible by collecting and analyzing a combination of business data time-stamped event logs  and user interaction data. Think of it like an MRI scan for your processes. In medicine, magnetic resonance imaging technology gathers information from your body’s cells to create an image, which doctors then use to diagnose the state of your health. Process Mining is similar in that it gathers data from your most granular operations and brings the pieces together to create a live picture of your data as it flows through your systems, diagnosing the health of your processes.

With this moving, breathing picture, you can finally identify sources of friction. Think bottlenecks, manual rework, manual processes that should be automated, automated processes that need manual intervention… The list goes on.

This means you can recognize and remove obstacles, understand the most frequent process flows, and learn where performance suffers — and how to fix it.

The result? Smoother processes, increased productivity, happier employees — and a direct impact on business outcomes.

A real process improvement initiative is never over. Process Mining is an ongoing journey, one that helps your business innovate proactively, improve continuously, and stay as agile as your competition — and your customers — need you to be.

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