SEIDOR Dispharma


SEIDOR dispharma


The pharmaceutical sector is constantly evolving, incorporating the latest technological advances into its daily operations. The challenge for companies in the sector is to manage the distribution and management of pharmaceutical products in an increasingly efficient way, relying on new technologies , in order to improve the management of their services with customers.

Due to the very low margins in the sector which it works, the market forces distributors to minimize service costs, through the automation of administrative tasks, planning the purchase in an optimal way to guarantee service to pharmacies and controlling all critical problems.

For this reason, it  is necessary that the management systems are agile,  managing the specific needs of the sector and fast in the adoption of the latest regulatory and legal changes that are appearing.

Responding to this need, Seidor has developed Seidor Dispharma, an integral solution, based on SAP 4 / HANA and SAC technology , flexible and adaptable to other solutions, which enhances all business operations. The solution is recognized by SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S / 4HANA, the highest distinction made by SAP for this typology of solutions.

Seidor Dispharma, a solution designed and created to help the pharmaceutical sector with all the advances in SAP technology, has been created taking into account the best practices in the sector , hand in hand with industry specialists. Thus, the solution includes tackling all the needs of pharmaceutical companies.

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