Seidor MENA signs McDonalds UAE to implement next generation SAP Solutions S4HANA & SuccessFactors


McDonald's big step towards digital transformation

Fast food chain McDonalds UAE making a big step in company digital transformation choosing SAP’s next generation business suite S/4HANA and Cloud HCM SuccessFactors, to better serve tech savvy customers who increasingly use technology to engage with brands and enabling employees succession within company.

Through changing technology company plans to provide customers prime convenience and fast response to demands. To streamline the processes Seidor Middle East & North Africa has been selected as a strategic SAP implementation partner. Having highly experienced consultants, 30+ years of excellent expertise and being reliable partner Seidor MENA will deliver the solution supporting company’s strategic goals.

"We are happy to serve our digital-era customers the experiences they expect to be served better and faster. Embracing SAP Technology and partnering with Seidor MENA, SAP’s top implementation partner, will help us to be everywhere our customers expect us to be. For us is very important to digitise business processes and improve overall customer experience in services delivering and user experience” said Walid Fakih, General Manager (McDonald’s UAE).

In order to stay competitive, due to fast growth of Artificial Intelligence and impact of Big Data Analytics , companies shall keep up with industrial revolution and fast forwarding with technological developments to simplify the business.

“With great a pleasure, I would like to announce the McDonald’s SAP solutions adoption of one of the most reputable ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud HR systems in the world, "SAP", to be the driving force to serve their customers faster and better. SAP will play a key factor in optimizingoperational performance. It is a big step for entire McDonalds team to identify ways to leverage the data in areas such as supply chain, sales, and procurement in order to achieve the desired objectives.” added Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz, Managing Director of Seidor MENA

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