SEIDOR Corporate Social Responsiblity

We live in a constantly evolving world. The challenges society facing are complex and appropriate responses require collaboration between governments, organisations and individuals. Seidor, as an international technology company, assumes the responsibility to carry out its activity based on social commitment and the desire for progress for all regions of the world.

As an influential player in the business world, Seidor carries out its activity considering aspects that are essential to life, such as climate change, human rights, people’s well-being, equal opportunities and a scrupulous respect for transparency measures and good business practice.

 In this article we Will discuss about our commitment as an organisation to align ourselves with the United Nations Global Pact. We work to identify, measure and implement actions that are beneficial to our environment, both on an environmental level as in the field of human relations.

 Technology is now a core value in providing welfare and progress to the world.It will be even more so in the future. Our mission is to bring it to every organisation by placing people at the centre and promoting technological development that will enable harmonious growth with the planet. Achieving this, moreover, by rooting ourselves with the local framework, in a collaborative way and contributing to generate an ecosystem of growth.

The challenges of the future call for socially and environmentally conscious organisations, in line with a reality that envisages a new future for humanity. Organisations and people in leadership positions can be drivers of this change. At Seidor, we are committed to being part of it.


Our Commitment


 For years, at Seidor we have been setting Corporate Social Responsibility goals to ensure a future for people and the planet in general. Acquiring this social responsibility, Seidor went one step further in 2014, adhering to the United Nations Global Pact.

 The United Nations Global Pact presents a strong commitment to the 10 principles that should govern business actions around the world to achieve the ultimate goals of the United Nations, under the name of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

 The 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Pact fall into 4 main areas and are as follows:


Human Rights


  1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally recognised human rights within their sphere of
  2. Businesses should make sure that their companies are not complicit in the violation of human




  1. Businesses should support the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective

  2. Businesses should support the elimination of all forms of forced or coercion work.

  3. Businesses should support the eradication of child labour.

  4. Businesses should support the abolition of employment and occupation discrimination




  1. Businesses should maintain a preventive approach to benefit the

  2. Businesses should encourage initiatives that promote greater environmental

  3. Businesses should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly




  1. Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and

 Seidor demonstrates its strong year-on-year commitment to these principles through the tools and actions described below.



 We are committed to preserving and promoting the protection of fundamental human rights, internationally recognised. We recognise that the principle of equal treatment and equal opportunities for the recipients a guiding principle of Human Resources policies and applies to the recruitment of employees as well as to training, career opportunities, salary levels and other aspects of the employee’s employment relationship.


Areas of action


 With regards to the selection, approval and evaluation of suppliers, our code of conduct stipulates that only suppliers whose business practices respect human dignity and do not violate the law will be sought and selected. In our integrated management system, supplier evaluation is carried out by completing a supplier evaluation form. In our evalua- tion and approval of suppliers, we positively assess their adherence to the Global Pact and their commitment to sustainability.


Personal data protection

 At Seidor we take into account that the right to the protection of personal data is a fun- damental right of all individuals, which translates into the power to control the use of their personal data, guaranteeing fundamental rights and public freedom. For this reason, we have mechanisms, procedures and courses of action for the processing of the per- sonal data of all interested parties (customers, employees and other entities).


 Solidarity initiatives

 At Seidor we promote actions that aim to contribute to improving the living conditions of people, especially those at risk of social exclusion. We carry out these actions considering all the alliances that we have built in our organisation, getting involved with local and international entities to carry them out as effectively as possible.

 At the international level, our actions are carried out through United VARs, a global network of leading IT consulting companies specialising in SAP solutions to which we belong, and with whose foundation we develop social activities focused on achieving the SDGs.

 Our activities are intended to have an impact both locally and internationally. Some of these projects are highlighted below:


 Collaboration with the Exit Foundation

 Seidor has been collaborating for two years with the Exit Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to reduce early school drop-out among young people in situations of social vulnerability. Seidor actively participates in the annual conferences organised for young people at risk of social exclusion, so that they can find out about the professional opportunities that exist in the IT field, explaining the training environment, as well as offering experience and advice to all those who need it.


Collaboration with IMI: IT support for vulnerable families

 In collaboration with the Instituto Municipal de Informática de Barcelona, in the framework of our regular activity with the Barcelona City Council, we store the equipment discarded in the supply, replacement and configuration of new workstations, to prepare them and donate them to different NGOs selected by IMI, which in turn send this equipment to families in situations of vulnerability.


Camboya: I support wash

 In Cambodia, United VARs co-founder Detlef Mehlmann discovered a school in Cambodia that received water through a water collection and filtration system that was built thanks to a donation of around €20,000, making a big impact for the students and teachers of the school. Mehlmann passed this news on to United VARs, agreeing to support fundraising to help more schools. As part of the “I support wash” campaign, each United VARs member would contribute 0.1% of reported turnover during the second quarter. SAP also pledged to contribute €20,000 to the cause.


Tanzania: construction of orphanage building

 During 2020, through United VARs, we supported a project to build an orphanage in Tanzania and improve the living conditions of children in the area. This project includes the construction of the orphanage building for 40 children, within a school with 100 pupils.

At Seidor we are aware that our most valuable resources are our people, that is why we have numerous means to support and facilitate the work of the people who make up Seidor.

 n addition, approximately 90% of Seidor’s workforce is permanent, due to career develop- ment and job stability being a priority for our organisation. With our Career and Job Stability Plan, we support our staff in achieving their objectives and goals, growing together. In addi- tion, the remuneration policy applied by Seidor is free of gender bias.


Areas of action


Collective bargaining

 At Seidor we apply collective negotiation practices and ensure that there is no forced or child labour of any kind. We recognise the rights of association, unionisation and collective negotiation with full legitimacy.



 We are committed to the integration of people with disabilities in the professional environment and we ensure compliance with legal standards in terms of accessibility and disability quotas in the workforce.

Our Business Policy and Code of Conduct requires that we treat people with dignity, respect, and fairness. Discriminatory treatment has no place or justification in our organisation and at Seidor we encourage the development and professional training of our employees, as well as their promotion, recognising the merits of the workers, regardless of other factors.


Gender equality

 Seidor is committed to maintaining, strengthening and reinforcing our commitment to gender equality.



 In this sense, long before the appearance of COVID in Seidor, we already had an infrastructure that allowed the performance of the functions of almost all the staff through remote access to the entire Information System and other resources of the organisation. And at the same time, by promoting the tools for collaborative use, communication systems, videoconferencing, telephoning, mobile telephony and a wide range of products and technologies that we also offer to our customers so that, based on our own success story, they can replicate the experience in their respective organisations.

 This has not only allowed a much smoother adaptation of all employees to the new work and social reality imposed by COVID, but has also allowed us to significantly increase the number of people who, using a preexisting infrastructure, have joined the benefits of the flexibility of teleworking.

 Following this same line of action, at Seidor we are committed to continuing to strengthen and promote work-life balance measures with the aim of maintaining a balance between the different dimensions of the lives of the people who make up the entire workforce, thus improving their well-being and health.

 The actions currently implemented are as follows:


  • Possibility of
  • Flexibility in the timetable for entering and leaving the working
  • Flexibility in the hours of weekly or monthly
  • Specific training courses for all staff on the change in the work paradigm induced by
  • Enabling a corporate app to provide an informative channel, as well as tools for boo- king meeting spaces or work at Seidor’s physical
  • Personal facilities:
    • Two or four days for reasons of illness or death of family
    • One day for moving house.
    • For the time required for prenatal examinations and childbirth preparation tech- niques that must be carried out during the working
    • Accumulation of the breastfeeding period by 15 calendar days to be taken once after the period of sick


 Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the habitual practices of the people who make up the company. We establish preventive measures that favour respect for the ecosystem and we encourage initiatives that promote greater respect for the environment. We guarantee excellence in our services by always offering the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, as a lever for growth for all our customers and for Seidor.

 We continually establish objectives and goals in environmental matters, such as the control of our Carbon Footprint. It should be noted that we scrupulously comply with environmental legislation and we guarantee the availability of all the necessary resources to improve our Environmental Management System.

 All measures have been discussed within our organisation and are being carried out subject to the relevant planning. Training and awareness-raising content has been created and provided to employees.


Areas of action


 Environmental policy

 At Seidor we have an Environmental Policy based on principles that contemplate how to perform our services and work in a way that respects the environment, preventing pollution and minimising the environmental impact that may arise from our work.


It is also worth mentioning our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certifica- tions, as with the implementation of an Environmental Management System we ensure that environmental aspects are promoted by preventing pollution and negative environ- mental impact derived from the performance of work activities.




Environmental impact

 Seidor has identified those activities that may influence the environmental impact of its activity, and has implemented initiatives to reduce this environmental impact:


  • Office maintenance and energy consumption: Environmental
  • Carrying out an energy audit and an associated savings
  •  Calculation of the carbon footprint, its registration and the associated reduction
  • Production of material to raise awareness of good environmental practices aimed at
  • Vehicle fleet and staff transport:
    • Facilitating teleworking and flexible working hours, reducing commuting to
  • Management of waste produced in the operation of the activities and services (mainly electronic equipment):
    • Policy for the reuse of IT
    • Contracting authorised waste management
    • Consumption of raw materials (mainly paper): Installation of smart network printers that avoid printing copies that are not subsequently removed; exclusive use of recycled paper; and the promotion of paperless

      - The calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions methodologically based on the ISO 14064-1: 2012 standard, which we have subsequently certified and regis- tered in the Registry of carbon footprint, offsetting and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

  • Reduction of electricity consumption:
    • Change of lights
    • Awareness campaigns on the efficient use of lighting and air
  • Contracting electricity supply to companies whose generation is low-emission or green
  • Encourage the use of low-emission leasing
  • Reducing the distance travelled with own vehicles, favouring
  • Contracting an energy company to supply electricity with a commitment to 100% from renewable sources in most of the




 To guarantee transparency and regulatory compliance, as well as the non-alteration of the company’s information, we have established an internal cybersecurity centre to ensure the integrity of the company’s information and digital security.

 At Seidor, we embrace the commitment to information security and, for this reason, we have an Information Management System certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard, as well as compliance with the ENS (National Security Scheme) as a guarantee measure.


Our Future

Carbon footprint calculation

In 2018, for the first time, Seidor calculated its carbon footprint in Spain. We plan to reduce emissions by 15% by 2020 with the following actions:


  • Reducing electricity
  • Low-emission
  • Low-emission leasing
  • Reducing the distance travelled in vehicles through transport


Energy commitment

 At Seidor we have a system of environmental management standards and procedures that enable us to identify and minimise environmental risks. We have identified those activities that may have an impact on the environment and the following initiatives have been implemented:


  • Maintenance and energy consumption of the offices: energy audits, calculation of the carbon footprint, employee training in good environmental practices, teleworking and flexible working
  • Vehicle fleet and staff
  • Waste management and
  • Treatment of raw materials: use of recycled paper, promotion of low paper usage, installation of smart network
  • Energy audit: We have a series of energy measures to reduce energy consumption such as switching to LED lighting, promoting public or shared transport, training in efficient driving, use of tools for remote meetings, hybrid vehicles, review of con- tracted electrical power and improving the maintenance of electrical equipment in