SAP Qualtrics Experience Management. Manage your employees feelings


Company driven by feedback. Opinions, comments and reviews. Why is it so important?

Digital transformation has opened the gate for customers and employees to leave their feedback anytime and anywhere. With opinions, comments and reviews to make short and long term decisions. Are you delivering a good experience to your customers and supporting employees at work? More and more companies have started adding a feedback forms and pulse surveys to their websites to rate everything so that customers and employees have more flexibility to complain or leave a compliment.

Are those companies who ignore people’s feedback at a greater risk of revenue loss? Losing customers, visitors, and even employees and staying behind the rest. So, engagement matters more than ever with all people engaged with your brand whether it’s your employees, customers, website visitors or partners. If you have had a bad experience with company, you simply won’t come back or never do a business again. But how do you understand that and manage it? How to understand employee experience, customer experience, or any of your products experience? Here comes Qualtrics to help you automate it all and analyse it for better visibility.

How does Qualtrics work?

SAP likes to talk about O data and X data. Operational (O) Data and Experience (X) Data! Operational data gives you visibility on your costs, sales and revenues, Experience data gives you understanding about feelings of people involved including you employees and customers. Combining O data and X data will give a meaningful touchpoint to automate visualization and insights across your company.


Simply Collect experience data from customers and employees at a meaningful touchpoint, Analyse and understand why things happening and what to do about it. And finally, Automate actions that improves employee, customer and brand experience. Understand how your customers and employees are feeling and deliver more personalized and better experience that makes everyone happy.

Together with SAP, SEIDOR is delivering free on-boarding sessions and weekly webinars to showcase you the benefits of using the solution. It is free to use and open to everyone for next 90 days.

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