SAP Business One Price and License Policy


SAP Business One Price & Licensing

We have been frequently asked how much SAP Business One price and how SAP licensing work.
SAP business is a simple to use and smart enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to medium size companies to manage their entire business faster. It covers finance and accounting, inventory management, sales and CRM along with limited HR module.

As a full ERP solution SAP Business One is a powerful and ideal business solution for small and medium size companies and sweat spot is between 5 to 80 users. Let us go through SAP Business One licencing policy and how it works.

The SAP Business One user licenses are granted on a named user licensed model. Each user shall have the authority to access the system and can get various types of licenses including Professional User and Limited User. Employees can not share user name between each other to access the system.

SAP Business One professional User:

Users can have full operational rights across all licences, and access to all modules and functionalities. Access can be granted to Owner, CEO, Management, etc who are mostly involved in business decisions.

SAP Business One limited User:

The limited user will have an access to own separate modules like Sales, Purchasing, Productions, Inventory, Financials and HR. There are different type of licenses under this category – CRM user, Logistics user and Financial user.

SAP Business One deployment options

You can keep and maintain in-house deploying it in a traditional way of On-Premise environment, or you can purchase the software and partner can host it in a data centre, another option is to use it with monthly subscription instead of purchasing.
Any other costs? SAP Business One add-ons
Normally SAP Business One covers 80-90% business needs from an ERP system, covering accounting and finance, inventory and purchasing, CRM, Production and HR. In the cases that SAP doesn’t cover your business needs, Seidor has developed different certified add-ons fully compatible with SAP look and feel experience. Add-ons are included advance HR and Payroll, Construction, export and import Customs, Automotive and many other industries.

SAP Business One Price and deployment options?

So ho much does it cost to implement full ERP solution? Reach out our consultants to have more visibility and quotation. Depending ion your requirements and scope, our consultants will support to delivery best in class services…

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