SAP ERP on Cloud. How it works today!?


SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP Software
How can SAP ByD help improve your business efficiency?

SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP Software that is built upon a plethora of modules that cover Finance, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and many other core functions aiming to optimize and centralize your business processes. It is also a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that can be deployed on demand with accelerated implementation plan. Such a solution helps organizations to control their flow of information between departments and have visibility over their operations at all times which increases security and efficiency. Moreover, Sap ByD is tailored to each specific region covering hot topics like Tax calculations as they differ from one region to another. This “Localization” approach helps implement the solution without wasting time worrying about each law and regulation, which decreases the implementation time significantly. Other software solutions offered in the market are static and often needs development by the implementing company to cover all region-specific points. SAP ByD “Localization” has been developed before-hand to eliminate waste time and offer direct solution for the region at hand.

SAP Buisness ByDesign Cloud

With the recent technological advancements, housing an on premise solution is frowned upon as it is very costly for organizations. Those costs include sustainable infrastructure, high maintenance costs and many others. Now, SAP is focusing to move all its solutions to become cloud-based solutions that will decrease the initial investment costs to minimal. Moreover, SAP ByD cloud offers high levels of security ensuring data protection from outside attacks giving the clients a sense of relief. Also, maintenance costs are cut down as SAP handles the ByD cloud servers and the data centers instead of the clients. That way, clients can use the money to enhance their processes and focus to invest more into the business itself. Lastly, having a cloud-based solution makes it easier for the client to install updates and patches offered by SAP to the clients. Such an approach helps clients to benefit from the updates without the need to shut down the servers and waste valuable time. The update is downloaded on the clients’ server in no time remotely without the need to go to any clients’ side, making it efficient, fast and cost effective unlike updates associated with on premise solutions.

How SAP Business ByDesign is implemented

SAP adopts an implementation approach that ensures efficiency and minimizes the risk on the long run. The following steps proved to be the optimal implementation plan as clients are kept well informed throughout the phases.The steps are discover, prepare, explore, realize and deploy. In the discover stage, ByD consultants check the clients systems to ensure that the software can handle the ByD cloud. Then, in the prepare phase, ByD consultants have a blueprint meeting to capture the requirements of the clients. The document explains the business processes, specific requirements and the flow of information. The third step is explore, where ByD consultants find the gaps between the clients processes and the ByD software to help close those gaps and deliver a top-notch solution that revolves around clients’ needs and satisfy every requirement and every business process. The implementation of the ByD cloud starts in the realization phase where ByD consultants build the software and customizes it, tests it, and ensures that the client is satisfied with the outcome by having trainings and user-acceptance testing. Lastly, the production system is switched on and handed over to the client while establishing a post go-live plan of support. The plan ensures that any obstacle is taken care of to help boost the clients’ process instead of obstructing the flow of processes by any error.New call-to-action