Responding to COVID 19 together with SAP. Open to everyone Solutions


Responding to COVID 19 together with SAP. Open to everyone Solutions

Under the hashtag #weareallinthistogether, SAP has started offering free selective solutions to tackle the COVID-19. As far as technology can play a major role in reducing the big impact of COVID-19 and as the world responds to it, at SEIDOR, we are working to do our part to support you preserving revenues with less impact on your business operations while working from home.

Solutions that have been offered by SAP includes Qualtrics Work Pulse and Ariba Discovery. In order to onboard you quickly, number of enablement sessions have been arranged by SEIDOR. Open to everyone to learn, train, share and use for free.

SAP Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse

What is it? And why do you need it?
SAP Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse helps organizations to understand how their employees are doing and what support they need as they adapt to new work environments, helping organizations close experience gaps and maintain business continuity. How to help your team work effectively during the COVID-19 lock-down? During our webinar "Remote Work Pulse", we have highlighted current challenges and showcased the solution from SAP.

SAP Ariba Discovery

Covid-19 has already influenced the top line of most companies, except for a few industries such as critical goods supply chain, customer deliveries and online collaboration tools, where demand has surged. In our another webinar we have emphasized and showcased how SAP Ariba Discovery can be efficiently used to select right vendors. During the live demo we have showcased how buyers can post their immediate sourcing needs, and any supplier responding to show they can deliver.

Disruption is reality. Let’s deal with it Together! 

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