Realizing AWS Business Value with SEIDOR

AWS business value

Realizing AWS Business Value with SEIDOR

How can organizations quantify the business value of moving to the cloud?

Differing business requirements, industry needs, and leadership profiles have resulted in unique cloud adoption journeys for each of these organizations. But while the various paths toward cloud may be different, most cases consist of a combination of four distinct areas of value. Cost saving, Staff productivity, Operational resilience and business agility:

Today we will speak about cost saving SAP on AWS

The research discovered that running SAP applications on AWS provided infrastructure savings of up to 71% compared to an SAP system running on premises

With the cloud, organizations pay only for what they need. During periods of low usage, they use fewer resources; during periods of peak demand, the system scales to deliver the required performance. Supply and demand are closely matched, eliminating the waste inherent in traditional data center models.

Reducing IT costs associated with owning and managing infrastructure is often the first thing businesses consider when beginning their cloud journey. While each organization is different, cloud cost savings come in two main varieties. First, organizations can save money by not spending it in the first place, avoiding data-center–related capex and operational expenditure (opex) on hardware, software, networking, facilities operations, and upgrades. Because there are typically no minimum commitments required for cloud services, they can stop or start using a service at any time, further increasing cost efficiency.

To maximize cost savings, it is important to build a culture of cost optimization.

This means being able to track and manage cloud costs by tagging resources and using AWS tools. SEIDOR provides support that help organizations save even more money.


Lower TCO - Benefit from the economies of scale and efficiencies provided by AWS. Pay for only the compute, storage, and other resources you use.

OpEx instead of CapEx – Start an SAP implementation or project on AWS without any upfront cost or commitment for compute, storage, or network infrastructure.

Elasticity – Scale compute capacity up or down to meet the needs of your business. Add application servers to accelerate nightly batch processing or month-end closing.

Agility and speed - Provision infrastructure required to start an SAP Business All-in-One implementation in minutes instead of waiting for days, weeks, or months.

Security and durability – Use the AWS secure and durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits.

Eliminate capacity planning – Get on-demand access to virtually unlimited compute, storage, and network capacity.

Easily connect existing data centers - Leverage the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to build connections between your data center and the AWS cloud.


Services for SAP S/4HANA on AWS


SEIDOR supports and controls components from the host operating system and virtualization layer down to the physical infrastructure and facilities. The customer manages the guest operating system and any applications and databases running above.

If you are unable, or do not want to, implement or manage your SAP environment on AWS yourself, SEIDOR can provide services specifically tailored to SAP and AWS.

SEIDOR Group includes a growing community of experts who provide both SAP consulting and Hyperscaler services on different platforms. SEIDOR MENA can help you reduce the time to value of your SAP implementation or project on AWS, and help you maximize the benefits of running SAP solutions on the AWS platform.

As an example, Customers who move to AWS reduce the percentage of IT spend on infrastructure. Overall spend per user according to AWS study 27% reduction in overall spend per user, Decreases as customers mature and scale on AWS, 42% reduction in overall spend per mature user, 12% lower on AWS vs multi-cloud customers.

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