Purchasing automation – What does Ariba implementation means for a company?


Purchasing automation – What does Ariba implementation means for a company?

How to take the bold step of going from nothing to everything?

Supplier Lifecycle Performance allows officially registering and then qualifying the suppliers for a specific commodities as per the different structures of the companies.

SNAP (Procure to Pay) transforms the way to procure the necessary items/services to your company as easy as to order from Amazon or Ebay. The invoice and payment processing was never as fast as now. Ariba gives all the possibilities to you to follow up your orders and the same possibility is given to your valued suppliers.

The way you currently buy goods, get services from suppliers, rent spaces, do events, initiate projects etc., all processes change when SAP Ariba steps in. Due to the restrictions in the SAP system and following the Procurement Best Practices, any action will have to start from a request. Thus, for all you will need to create a requisition which will get confirmed by the DOA approver prior to the service is availed or a product is purchased. In order to proceed it effectively, you will need to initiate and plan procedures a lot in advance. 

Sourcing allows your requests to be converted into an RFI/RFQ/RFP/Tender or a single source purchase event. This module will take care of exchange of quotations, analysis of proposals, internal DOA approval and awards of the RFQs/Tenders. With SAP Ariba all of these steps are automated and are happening in the system instead of sending emails to the suppliers and to the end-users of the company.

Contract Management allows creating and tracking all types of contracts as a result of above stated sourcing/tendering events in the system, review and approval of contracts by relevant parties including the suppliers and finalization of contracts for signatures.

So, what are the biggest advantages?

The benefits for your company and to your suppliers are unlimited including transparency in all logged transactions, fair treatment of supplier, unlimited reports, one platform to exchange information internally and externally, saved communication for each RFQ/Tender activity, matching of PRs/ POs/Invoices and Delivery, web and app based approvals via DOAs, online catalogues for ordering of daily use admin items, automated paperless transactions which gives the possibility to your company to follow more efficient and automatized processes.

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