Automation get smart


Automation gets smart


At its best, automation is flexible, scales with the organization’s growth, and can tackle even complex cases that would otherwise require human judgement. But the many pitfalls and failures of RPA projects have made it clear that automation via bots alone can’t deliver on that vision. Because bots basically replicate click paths, they break as soon as any one of your systems changes and must be rebuilt from scratch. It’s about time that automation got smart. And that’s exactly what Celonis built.


Automation will continue to be one of the hottest topics in business in 2021. And, just like many powerful tech trends (Big Data, Transformation, etc), the word automation means everything and nothing at the same time.

Automation & RPA

The Celonis EMS enables intelligent, supervised automation that’s resilient, scalable, and easy to deploy. It not only identifies and eliminates manual steps, it aligns automated actions to outcomes, recommending and creating intelligent automated workflows to improve performance — and productivity — across the entire organization. 

The EMS supports 95% of RPA use cases — and integrates with RPA for the rest.

Robotic Process Automation has been hailed as a silver bullet, but it’s just a subset of automation, the way automation is a subset of the EMS capabilities. RPA is practical on legacy systems where only loose front-end automation is possible — for any other use cases it is both slow and brittle. Change the UI, and the bot breaks. Change the process, and the bot needs reconfiguring.

The EMS, on the other hand, enables resilient back-end automation that is quick to deploy and does not require regular reconfiguration and supervision. Rather than make localized improvement by automating individual, repetitive tasks, it delivers exponential value by maximizing your execution capacity end-to-end.

RPA vs EMSHow Celonis EMS Helps

Resilient and scalable

The Celonis EMS can perform up to 5,000 automations per hour. They’re resistant to UI changes, forward-compatible and easily scalable to multiple systems within your organization.


Easy to use

Benefit from over 600 pre-built automations from the EMS Store, or build and deploy your own powerful automations driven by complex business logic — no IT teams required. 


Simple to integrate

Celonis EMS allows for no-code configuration of back-end SAP and Oracle actions. Automations to custom back-end systems can be configured via a REST + SOAP integration

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