Knowing Your Customer. Prevention Better than Cure


Prevention Better than Cure

So, ERP implementation is only about understanding the client business processes, planning the project schedule & execute the deliverable’s in budget.

Hold On!!
As things are rapidly changing in 21th century era, so as the expectations, thought process, business culture & human behavior..!!
It becomes equally essential to understand your client along-with understanding their business needs. Off course while focusing on commercial aspect’s & deliverable, this factor remain neglected so far, which can turn game changer at any point for some projects..!!


Various clients holds different work environments; at few places things moves slowly, at few places lack of co-ordination exist, few follow’s un-organized practices while simple things gets much complicated at few places.
Same is with peoples or project team members. Some are supportive, quick-learners and hold positive approach; while few turns problematic, slow in understanding, priorities their personal benefits over the project goals and few hold very high level of expectations.
So, overall the fate of the project is not only dependent on delivering the set of requirements. But, the client team engagement & there approach can turn into big difference.


The resistance to adapt change over daily followed routine or practices is quite natural human behavior, but, at few places it can emerge as big hurdle. Many users feel in-secure to adapt integrated ERP system, as they caught in fear to lose their dependency over the current job role or data they are maintaining at their end. While, at few places internal disputes exists over taking the credits. The consequences of which will result in pointing the limitations in system, delays in the necessary inputs & poor co-ordination. It’s not necessary, you will face this resistance openly in all cases, and it can be also caused by manipulating or hiding the facts.
In such situations, it become quite challenging to move the progress of the project as planned. There is saying, ‘Prevention is always better than Cure’. The risk assessment of such situation’s needs to be done on timely manner to keep things under control before it make big damage.
If we wish to deliver the project in planned timeline by sticking to project scope, the time has come to plan project stratergy by considering the client work environment & there project team members approach as well. Eventually, the Project scope, business needs will remain the key factors..!!

The below preventive actions needs to be taken care to avoid un-expected circumstances

1. Client Project Manager: - It is essential to get allocate responsible Project Manager leading the client team. He should be well aware about their business requirements& hold good acceptance within their team. Ultimately, Client Project Manager should co-ordinate with his team on timely manner to get things done in planned timeline.

2. Review Meetings: - The review meetings after certain intervals can help better to discuss major challenges & to align the things which are getting delayed or possibility to get delayed. It can be master data, closing balances or data entries.

3. Steering Committee Meeting: - There may need to revise the initial project scope or decide on important project objectives, which gets evolved during project implementation. Having ‘Steering Committee Meeting’ after reaching important milestones can help to address this points effectively. This ensures the commercial aspect is under control.

4. Stage Wise Project Planning: - By considering the project volume, business processes complexities, available resource strength & limited time-lines, it is important to achieve the project goals in stages. The project needs to plan to achieve basic & mandatory objectives first. As project moves, the enhancements & other modules can be introduced in later stages.

The conclusion is, all projects & corresponding challenges are not the same. So, Theoretical dependency on ‘Standard ASAP methodology’ is not enough to make project great success. There is need to monitor & realize the practical difficulties, risks at ground level & to take preventive & corrective actions accordingly

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