History of SAP Employee Central - Part 2


SAP Employee Central Payroll - Part 2

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is a next generation global payroll process automation. It is a revolutionary solution combined with proven technology and latest innovations to accelerate processing, reduce risk and simplify payroll execution. 

If you are an existing on-premise customer looking to move to ECP or you have just purchased ECP, then you are at right place. This should help you to clear up some misinformation regarding ECP and save you time looking for materials.  

In Part 2 we will dive into Q&A where you can get clear understanding of product capabilities and most pressing questions answered. In Part one we have discussed SAP SuccessFactore's functional modules and ECP history - Part 1

Q: How is Posting Handled between ECP and Finance Systems (S4 HANA Public Cloud)

A: The Posting Scenario when using the ECP is different from the usual posting that we do from HR Module to Finance ( In this instance itssingle system and we post the Posting Documents from HR Module to Finance Module), however its not the same when we are implementing ECP and the Payroll Postings are to be done to S4 HANA.

As the Posting of the Payroll Results involves 2 different systems, there are some prerequisites that needs to be set up for the Integration to work.

In order to activate and perform the Posting in S4 HANA Cloud the Below Switch needs to be Activated in the Table V_T77S0
Group Semantic Abbreviation Value

It is mandatory that Scope Item Employee Central Payroll Integration is active in S/4HANA Public Cloud
Regarding the Posting to S/4HANA Cloud, Please note that the Posting to S/4HANA Cloud will be done from Employee Central Payroll using iDocs and web services.

Below are few of the Points that needs to be noted when Performing the Posting to S/4HANA Cloud from ECP

• Postings to Vendors are not possible at this stage
• Posting from ECP is not available for Public Sectors
• Posting from EC Payroll is Released only for documents with up to 2000 Line Items

Q: Can we Replicate the Employees from ECP to S/4HANA System? 

A: The Employee’s doesn’t have to be replicated from ECP to S/4HANA, Instead the replication has to be initiated from SuccessFactors Employee Central to S/4HANA as the SF-EC is the Source System and Standard Integration Packages are available to perform this activity.

Q: Is the Posting from ECP to S/4HANA Cloud available for all Countries?

A: No, The Integration of Posting is currently released for the Selected Countries, Kindly Refer the SAP Note 2707220 for further Information.

Since the ECP is hosted on a different client and Public Cloud on a different Client, how will the Finance Configuration handled in ECP (As ideally S4 HANA Public Cloud will be having this configuration)

The Finance Structure (Company, Company Code, Controlling Area, etc.) must be configured in the ECP System along with the S/4HANA. 

Q: Are all the GL’s Required for the Posting to be Configured in both ECP & S/4HANA Public Cloud?

A: No, the GL’s need not be created in the ECP System separately, The assignment to the GL’s happens in the HR-FI Configuration nodes in the ECP System and the system accepts the assignment irrespective of whether the GL is available or not, however please be informed that the Posting Document will not be created unless the GL assigned is available in the Target System i.e. S4 HANA.

Q: Do we have to create the Complete Cost Centers again in the ECP System along with the S/4HANA?

A: No, The Cost Centers are not created manually in the ECP System, instead the cost centers are automatically flown from S/4HANA to ECP System through the Integration which will run on a periodic interval, i.e. whenever a new cost center is created, the system will replicate these cost centers to the ECP System so as to avoid any integration failures when the data is being pushed from SF-EC to ECP through PTP Integration.

Q: Do we have to create the Cost Centers in EC Manually whenever there is a new Cost Center that is created in S/4HANA.

A: No, There is no need for us to create the Cost Centers manually in the SF-EC, however it is up to the business to decide ( Some organizations doesn’t like to replicate all the Cost Centers in the Organization to SF-EC) if they would like to perform this integration to replicate all the S/4HANA Cost Centers to SF-EC on a periodical basis automatically.

Q: How to Check if the EC Payroll System can access the Accounting data and read the available GL Accounts.

A: SAP has provided a standard Report (RPDKON00) for you to check if the connectivity is established between ECP & S/4HANA. If the Output of the report shows the Destination System is the Business System name of S/4HANA, then the Integration is working fine without any issues. The Below Screenshot confirms that the Integration between ECP & S4 is Active and working

Q: How do we get the Confirmation after the Live Posting Run in the ECP System that the documents have been posted to the Target System.

A: Once the Live Posting is Completed in ECP, Please execute the PCP0 T-Code to know the Status of the Posting Document, The Status of the Live Posting in the ECP System is 40 i.e. Documents Transferred

Below is the Screenshot of the Live Posting to S4 HANA

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