Frictionless System MIgration

Frictionless System Migration

frictionless system migration

SEIDOR enables IT teams to deliver strategic value during migration projects by understanding end-to-end processes across system landscape, eliminating friction in your as-is and to-be processes, proactively mitigating migration risks, and monitoring process adoption to accelerate value realization.

With Celonis solutions, SEIDOR provides these insights across the migration timeline from pre-migration process optimization, through process mapping, fit-gap, and change management and into continuous optimization. SEIDOR & Celonis not only brings many of the core issues of these phases to light, but also reveals the root causes and resolution paths, and empowers IT leaders to implement the right changes to ensure migration success and value.

SEIDOR offers an Analytical Application for system migrations, which includes a set of flexible solutions for controlling migration costs and scope, decreasing migration risk, and accelerating towards adoption and value realization.


 How SEIDOR helps along the migration journey


Good preparation is key for any migration project. If processes are streamlined and optimized ahead of time, companies can save valuable resources and focus on the most important processes during the migration.

Solutions like Celonis help organizations discover what keeps their processes and systems from achieving business results like on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, days payable outstanding, and more. Celonis senses these patterns in real time and triggers automated and manual next-best actions to shift operations towards goals.

Process Mapping:

Before starting a migration, it is important to understand what the process and system landscape actually looks like.

A way to instantly map all processes running through the organization using objective data is Celonis. Celonis automates the process mapping phase and provides not just visibility but insights into the as-is process to drive efficiency and create value across the migration.

Fit-gap Analysis:

After all process variants are documented, existing best practices captured and optimization opportunities cataloged, companies need to figure out what the to-be solution should look like.

Celonis can automatically compare as-is and to-be processes, highlighting deltas and revealing their root causes. This not only helps IT leaders accelerate this process and include more objective sources of information into their designs, but also enables them to keep the business value and impact in mind throughout the process.

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