Digital Transformation Challenges in UAE. Where Your Company Stands on this Journey?


Dubai, March 1st, 2020

Last Monday, SEIDOR MENA in together with Spanish Business Council organized a seminar in ‘Digital Business Transformation Challenges in the UAE’ hosted by SAP HQ.

Rachelle Roesler and Tariq Laham spoke about the value of digital transformation and what are the challenges.

The speakers present an overview in the digital trends and costumer experience. Some important observations to take in consideration:

  • It’s vital to know where your company sits on the DT spectrum and what your goals are
  • In this age of disruptive technology, DT is not a destination; it requires maintenance, support and checks
  • Automation and AI bring value and profit to a company when implemented correctly specifically through improved employee efficiency and Costumer Service
  • Automation and AI will change what is most valued in employees, but it won’t replace the need for human interaction
  • Companies need to make changes outside of the traditional technology spectrum to prepare the work environment and culture as it continues down the DT spectrum
  • The session ended with a Q&A where the participants raised very interesting questions.

Please reach us out if you are interested to get the presentation



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