Destination: SAP S / 4HANA Cloud, now is the time


Destination: SAP S/4HANA Cloud, now is the time

A few years ago SAP joined the ERP Cloud family with SAP Business ByDesign, which gave service to the lower GB market. But there was still pending upper GB market, so SAP has launched SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with the "Framework Activate" as new focus, which derived in a general public product (multi-tenant) and private (single-tenant).

One of the keys to implementing these SAP S/4HANA products in SaaS mode has been the inclusion of two configurations: the self-service and the expert. These are only available in the cloud and allow a much faster and more effective implementation if the five-phase methodology is followed:

  • Activate - Prepare
  • Explore
  • Realize
  • Deploy
  • Run

Each of these phases has accelerators that allow progress with guarantees at each stage and successfully complete each of the project milestones.

Seidor supports SAP initiatives to implement the solution in its multi-tenant option. For this reason, it has created a specialized team with certified consultants in each of the business lines and with experience when working with agile methodologies such as that provided in "Activate".

This commitment is motivated by experience in other cloud tools, where "fit to standard" is one of the keys to success in projects. This implies that the training of the consultants that implement the solution must be even deeper than in the models on premise, if possible. The quarterly processes of verification of SAP stay-current knowledge allow to guarantee that the knowledge of the new functionalities delivered in each version will be in the consultant's mind to be able to contribute value to the clients almost permanently, allowing to improve the efficiencies of the industries and Help them innovate sustainably.

SAP is releasing new features quarterly and more and more businesses can benefit from having coverage with this tool in a multitenant environment. This involves a native integration with all SAP tools and other niche systems that cover specific business needs in a very efficient way through a hub of increasingly important APIs released.

Much of the functionality that is being delivered periodically is part of processes and services based on machine learning with SAP Leonardo technology, which provide greater intelligence to the product to minimize repetitive manual processes and allow to dedicate these resources to generate value for the deal. In addition, it has real-time forecasting and analysis processes to help decision making.

If we add to the current coverage the great power of extensibility that this ERP allows through SAP Cloud Platform, we can give assurances that many of the industries can obtain great benefits by implementing SAP S / 4HANA Cloud.

In Seidor we have already started a successful project in MENA, we have three ongoing projects and evolutionary projects in other clients that allow us to face pre-sales with great solvency, clearly detecting the viability of the projects.

2019 is the year where cloud solutions can be implemented with guarantees and 2020 is expected to start with cloud first philosophy. At Seidor we have already started the road with an eye on 2025, the deadline that SAP has indicated to have made the conversion to S / 4HANA.

We encourage you to explore this software modality that allows a constant innovation of business processes with the guarantee of a manufacturer like SAP.


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