ME_SEIDOR Cloud Offer


Cloud agility, flexibility and security. all from seidor cloud team


Seidor's cloud proposal is focused on helping organizations to define their migration strategy and to have the optimal cloud model to provide them agility, flexibility, scalability and security from technology.

With a multi-cloud option, SEIDOR relies on the leading cloud providers in the market and that have the highest level of certifications, such as Azure, AWS and plus SEIDOR has its own private cloud. In addition, SEIDOR has an expertise in the cloud architecture and management for SAP solutions, and a cloud unit specifically dedicated to this maturing environment.


Seidor Cloud/ 4SAP

SEIDOR Cloud/ 4SAP includes three managed services in one: cloud infrastructure management, platform management (with operating system administration and backup management) and SAP BASIS administration services (including continuous monitoring , corrective service, preventive service and on-demand services). This solution, together with the experience of our team, provides organizations with security, flexibility and control of their resources, enabling comprehensive management of their SAP infrastructures. This service can be provided in the public cloud or in the private cloud.


Private Cloud sCloud

With Seidor's private cloud, it is proposed to migrate the application ecosystem and infrastructures of the organizations to the cloud model. In an important context where mobility, accessibility and security which has made it the goal of most organizations to transition to the cloud. Hence, Seidor offers its private cloud data centres in four different locations within Europe, two of them are in Barcelona and another two are in Madrid.

Application Transformation

Seidor proposes the modernization of applications through the redesign of systems and services, substituting certain fields for PooS services and taking advantage of characteristics of the cloud, which allows the creation of scalable offers that are easy to implement and manage, while optimizing the budget.


Azure Data center Transformation

The combination of SEIDOR many year of experience companies’ infrastructure management, with the deep knowledge of Azure public cloud, ensured Seidor's ability to deal with the transformation of the eight data centers, both by extension of the same as for its replacement in the cloud. With a proposal that covers from the licensing to the post-project management services, providing for all the necessary service levels.


Eduard Bonet

Director of Data Center at Seidor