Celonis vs BI

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Celonis EMS versus BI

Understanding the difference

Celonis is well suited for organizations who are undergoing transformation initiatives that link to the following areas:

  • RPA/Automation
  • ERP Migrations
  • Process Documentation
  • Shared Services
  • Process Transformation

Business Intelligence (BI) and Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) have a common goal - to help business managers make better, more informed, evidence based decisions. Despite this shared objective, there’s an important distinction between BI and Process Mining that can help organizations understand how, when and why to apply a given tool to a given situation. The substantial difference between BI and Process Mining is root cause analysis. BI can tell you something went wrong and Process Mining can tell you why it went wrong. We have put together below examples for your better understanding.



What is Celonis Execution Management System?

Picture4-1EMS versus BI

Picture5-1EMS versus BI example 

Picture9Process Mining can unravel disconnected data across multiple systems and protect profits. Different business problems require various business solutions. BI is not EMS and EMS is not BI. Understanding the difference may be key to a thriving digital transformation environment within an organization. To learn more about both solution get in touch with our experts or leave your comments below. 

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