Business Agility During COVID-19 Pandemic

Business Agility


How quickly SEIDOR team has adapted to new global challenges during COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephen Hawking famously said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”. How quickly SEIDOR team has adapted to new global challenges during COVID-19 pandemic.

The ability to change quickly is key, Perhaps at no other time in recent history has agility and adaptability been more important than it is now. This is the success story how SEIDOR managed customer’s business continuity during the pandemic. High Quality, On-Time, Excellent Execution! This is how we managed projects on a fully Remote Team


Immediate action plan 

Who could have expected last year that 2020 would bring such a major changes for businesses? The impact of the pandemic is unprecedented, as companies across the globe had to make a sudden transition in their working model. Many sectors were forced to move their operations online. Remote support, online meetings, and work from home the new normal for the employees. But every crisis brings an opportunity to discover newer ways of doing things, literally to prepare your business not only to survive and come out strong but also thrive during and after the crisis. 

Pandemic has not become a barrier for us to continue support all our customers remotely, since a great deal of remote project have been performed globally by means of providing 24/7 support in different countries. However, imagine a situation that forces your company’s employees to rapidly change the way they used to work almost overnight, albeit the majority of companies were not able to cope with this challenge immediately. We managed to switch from an on-site model to a 100 percent remote-working fast, meanwhile supporting our customers seamlessly. Having had all required configured tools for global projects support, one should mention that it was not a big challenge for SEIDOR MENA. A new approach to business management that helped the company to advance with the customer had quickly been formed that allowed the employees to simply remain at home with their laptops.

By the end of 2020, SEIDOR has successfully delivered projects in more than 25 countries in five continents, including Middle East, Asia Pacific, LATAM, Oriental & South Africa with various localizations, legal requirements, and complex organizational processes. Personalized trainings as per a country, with completely different time zones from New Zealand to LATAM, have been conducted via Teams which was a challenge for many users at the beginning.


Excellent Team collaboration and SAP projects remote execution During the COVID-19

Challenge, Volume, & Different Time Zones.

Pre pandemic time, life felt normal early year of 2020 and SEIDOR MENA has commenced SAP projects globally and the company delivered a face to face workshop while being in Kuala Lumpur with the customer to kick-off their rollouts in 9 Asian countries. In the middle of those implementations & Go-live/support, COVID-19 has disrupted major on-site activities in Tanzania and South Africa. Since the go-live was broken down to phases, the company has continuously been engaged with the users applying teams effort, coordination and patience. Furthermore, Plan B has been activated very quickly and team has continued catering unique customization requests seamlessly in Morocco, Azerbaijan & Nigeria. 

Thriving During crisis. Reliable technology partners that can help. Leveraging SEIDOR’s deep knowledge of enterprise business applications and the cloud services, the company has been able to advise our customers on the best fit company IT hyperscale needs, as well as the best implementation approaches to ensure a smooth IT projects go-live during the COVID-19. While SEIDOR is a global company with local presence in many of those projects involved in, during pandemic SEIDOR MENA managed the entire implementations from Dubai office. For the roll-out of New Zealand, our team tried to adapt to the time zone differences, indeed without effective management strategies in place that accommodate time differences, this could negatively impact employee productivity. Accordingly, working time of each employee has been adjusted across 12 zones with overnight shifts.


How our customers transform and grow in the wake of the new condition.


Middle of February 2020, that was our last visit to Kingdom of Bahrain, the team and customer’s team met in person, when one of the largest Telco projects in the region - BNET, Bahrain’s National Broadband Network was closed. By the time we had to start the project, the flights have been suspended and the borders were closed. However, digital transformation hasn’t stopped here for BNET. The team has not only managed to close the 1st phase of the project, deliver successful remote implementation, but also the 2nd phase has started recently. Thus, in stressful times, SEIDOR is always here to ensure customers can continue to run their businesses as smoothly as possible through engaging heavily with the end users to ensure successful projects and boost the users confidence. Read more about SEIDOR - BNET Press Release 

There are many more Business Transformation projects that have been executed remotely in the Middle East including in UAE, KSA, Oman and Kuwait. Customers who believe post COVID changes that is not back to normal and not a new normal, it may be more a new different. It is believed that most of the markets will make a significant and long lasting changes in how companies organize their work and how they interact with customers. Business Transformation and Digitalization will play an outsize role in shaping those changes. This is How our customers transform and grow in the wake of the new condition.

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