All you should know about SAP PCoE Certification


Customer support center recognized by SAP!

SAP Enterprise support

Being SAP’s global partner winning many awards on different categories, have been providing consistent SAP support and continuously improving level of expertise and modernizing ahead of time to meet SAP's current global standards.  

What is PCoE?

The SAP PCOE (Partner Center of Expertise) is an SAP certification that ensure partners can hold SAP Support Service to indirect customers, all SAP Partners that are eligible to hold the maintenance for indirect customers need to pass a complex certification to ensure the quality of SAP Support ensuring that all SAP customers can be supported any time. Each partner need to have a support infrastructure, support team, support processes and tools to offer services. It is mandatory requirement to provide SAP services to customers.

What is SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Re-Certification Audit?

Every two years SAP executes remote checks of all SAP certified people, infrastructure, and support processes to ensure customers are well taken care in accordance with SAP’s current technical standards. Audit confirms that all services and support are compliant with continues company consultants improvement.


What is our “Global PCoE Centralization

Along with SAP global consultants,  Seidor has successfully developed a Global Support Center in presence on 30+ Countries by 15 PCoE Support Offices.
Some numbers:
Presence on 30 Countries by 15 PCoE

Support Office:

24/7 support
+64,000 SAP Customers with SAP Maintenance;
+6 Support Languages;
+1000 SAP Productive System with active monitoring;
+1200 SAP product errors reported in 2018, 38% of solutions provided by Seidor;
3 Global Solution Manager Systems;


As an SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE), Seidor can support it’s customers through:

-Seidor qualified experts 

-Strong cooperation and relationship with SAP worldwide experts

- Robust issues resolution focusing on customer training and support/satisfaction

- Qualified experts with deep SAP understanding and many years of experience

- Real-time SAP solutions support and expertise

SAP Guidelines

SAP has been intensifying certification process with strict and complex testing procedures and minimum tolerance. 

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